The Swamp Land

You ever feel like you are walking on land that could suddenly collapse underneath you?

I learned a lot in the swamp today.

Down the mountain, without a trail, I traveled. Thankfully I was not alone. About 5 feet in front of me was my new friend, N. We were undoubtedly lost, but not afraid. At least he wasn’t afraid. I watched as he trailed through rough terrain, without any hesitation. Usually, I’m the explorer, the guide, or the helping hand. Not today. Today I was in a new place – a new environment. Today I needed a hand. Today I began a new chapter of understanding.

We were not created to walk alone.

I’d like to point out that Adam walked the garden WITH God. God wasn’t a voice in the sky, nor was He hanging out in another garden nearby. He was physical with Adam, and still, God said “Man is not good alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him.” So He created Eve, a woman, and presented her to the man. Then God said, “It is good.”

And it is good. I realized this as N and I traveled through broken tree limbs, mud, thorn bushes, and swampy land. At any time one of us could have fallen, or been injured. We spent the day exploring awareness. We knew where the other person was at, and we assisted one another when uncertainty showed its face. God is teaching me about relationships, and what it means to travel in pairs. Especially in swampy land.

When I’m near people I look around at the relationships surrounding me, and my heart aches. People walk side by said, sometimes even hand in hand… but in many cases, they are still walking alone. There is an awareness that needs to happen when you choose to walk with someone. Doesn’t matter if you are walking with a friend or a lover. Here’s why I believe this:

Adam was a friend of God. He walked with God, and God was aware of Adams need. Whether that was through words, body language, or through Adam’s eyes – we don’t know. What we do know though, is that God paid attention, and He is currently challenging me to do the same.

I have grown tired of shallow relationships. Life is not shallow, so why choose shallow communication? We miss what is important when we focus our conversations on work, material objects, or discussing the next sporting event. Life is not knee deep, and what I mean is that what is living is not shallow. Everything that lives is complex. Every tree, every plant, every animal, and every insect goes beyond complete understanding. As people, we were set apart even more than all other living things. We were created as intricate beings, and remain as such.

N says, “I don’t do shallow relationships (friends or otherwise). You’re either all in or all out.”

He gets this characteristic from Gods heart.

Don’t believe me? Read His Word. God doesn’t want lukewarm lovers. He doesn’t want his lovers standing on a fence or building a gate. Satan owns the fence.


We limit ourselves and God when we choose to be unaware of one another and choose to communicate about what is least important. Our brain is meant to partner with our heart, and our heart is meant to partner with The Spirit. We are lacking spiritual intimacy in our relationships, which allows for heart and head injuries.

When we are in the swampland, we should be willing to travel in pairs. It is not wrong to lean on someone when you are in need, and it’s not wrong to take care of those who may need you. Yes, every relationship demands boundaries, but there is a healthy balance in assisting one another. If all we needed was God alone, God would not have created for us a helper, aside from his own presence.

When you visit the swampland, be open to learning from God, and when available, accept help from another person. You do not have to walk through this life alone.

Satan is a liar.

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  1. I love all your pieces! But, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this one ❤️ Kudos to your insightfulness and thank you for sharing so eloquently 🙏


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