When I Fall, Don’t You Know?

My knees will catch me

That grueling moment when you’ve been seen by many and not a single person sees that you’re bleeding.
That moment when everything is on the up, up, up
But you can’t stand
And no one understands.
This wasn’t the way you planned to go,
But what they don’t know won’t kill them, right?

They’ve experienced a midnight chill,
And I’ve experienced a steady burn.
Only Fire can learn a lessen of half-heard notions to continue growing,
Half heard because half alive.

Striving only dug my grave,
Saving me from myself,
Convincing me I’m someone else.

Break me down,
Cut me down now,
Fall to the ground.
Don’t you know your knees will catch you?

Break me down
Cut me down now
Curse the ground
Because all you found here were lies from hell.

Spell my name
“Say my name”
Does it sound the same?
You don’t know me,
You only make-believe and “Fake it for me hunny.”
If only it were that easy,
Maybe then you’d quit trying.

You can’t break me down,
You can’t cut me now,
When I fall, don’t you know?
My knees will catch me.

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