Conversations with God – Kind of Poetry

Like a lion waking up, my spirit is stirring.
Where is the color this morning?
All I see are
Empty desks,
Tables turned,
Black and white lies lined up
And ready for what?
Death was pierced and deemed untrue
The eyes of the blind can’t lie
Like they do.

I woke up this morning feeling like I’m in a cage. I could compare my situation to a lion awaking from a dead sleep. Suddenly the lion realizes it’s trapped behind metal bars, and the steel seems impossible to break through.

I’m trapped in the those same bars, too.

I am looking around at where I’m at in life right now and I’m thinking aloud “there has to be a way out”… But which way? Do I attempt to break the cage and wear myself out? Do I live with the stirring until it eventually stops, because I know it will? Do I ask the gatekeeper for help? Maybe I could change my mindset and justify the lack of time I have left. It’s too late for me anyways.

                       Life is short.

It’ll all be over before I know it.

                                                       What difference would it make if I got out or if I stayed?

          I know where I’m going when its’s over anyways.

The stirring just doesn’t let up and I feel stuck in an electric shock. It shocks my body into some new reality and I’m dying trying to go back to sleep and I’m sinking in a ship of maybes, and my heart won’t let me dream, and It’s becoming hard to breathe, so where do I steer when the lies are so clear? You can’t get out, you can’t fight now, the mark was missed, the line was drawn and the bars aren’t gone, and what will you do? Break them in two? You can’t find the tools, the keys are with fools, and you know your stuck so why not give up?

And then MY truth comes flooding in
And I’m on my own to fight and defend
But I’m not alone is what is said,

And what about these bars?

I can’t get through them
And where were you when they placed me in them?
I am not alone you say aloud,
but before I was here I was seeking the sound

Of your voice
And no clarity was given
Or inch of life driven
Into my body.

Where is the money they used to enslave me? They are lavished in gold and clothes and jewelry. I know I want out but it’s just so loud, and I find myself down on the ground seeking rest and find none. The keepers are talking and they are stalking my every move, waiting for me to cease listening to You.


Do you have the keys?

In fact I do.

Then where were you when they placed me in here?

I’m behind these bars too, so where are you?

I’m trapped and I can’t move.

Get up and walk. Just walk on through.

The bars are steel

The bars aren’t real.


“What is impossible for you is not impossible for me.” -God

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