Mix up The Mix of Things

When my daughter was two-years-old we watched the movie, The Good Dinosaur, on more occasions than I can recall. Sitting through a movie with a two-year-old may not seem like an elite task, but I noticed something about my daughter that I had never noticed before. She was laughing! When I say that though, I mean that she was laughing when it was funny. I was baffled by this. My two and half year old daughter not only sat through an entire two hour movie, but she actually engaged with the story line. She watched intently and knew what would happen next. It was impressive to witness her facial expressions transform as she committed more of her time to the film. She would notice something new every time she saw it. With every minute that passed I swear she understood more about the characters, more about their feelings, and more about their journey. As an adult I am easy frustrated at the idea of watching the same film or doing the same activity over and over again, but is this not how we truly learn and capture an idea or dream?

                Admit it.

We live in a rushed culture.

Society is constantly seeking the next big thing. We tend to stuff our minds with unfamiliar ideas before we’ve gathered all possible information from a previous idea. As adults we hop around searching for advanced knowledge. We read a book and find another even before we’ve processed the first one. We taste a new food, have a poor experience, and then refuse to consider it anywhere else. We gravitate toward the bible, read it thoroughly, become excited about it, and then put it back on the shelf for a while. We receive new information and quickly assume that we know everything regarding the subject (I’m not referring to you of course, because I’m sure you never assume you are 100% right about anything). The truth is that most of us are trapped by our own paradigms, or perspectives, mindlessly prescribing ourselves with a “correct” set of lenses. Once we decide what a situation looks like, who a person is, what a movie is all about, or what a certain food tastes like, we surrender our ability to experience those things any differently.

This should not be so.

Also. Kids are cool.

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