Brilliantly Off Cue

Install internal headphones if you have to and drown out the voices of defeat. The devils that say “you’ll never make it, with your expertise you won’t go far” or to my continual dismay, “you know you won’t be able to handle it so why even try?” Those limitations need to take a hike.

I met an Arborist today. This person looked as if they had worked their entire life in a tree, just worn out and fractured. I started a conversation and they lit up like a firework. You could see the passion in this person’s eyes. They LOVE what they do. Climbing trees in all elements, learning the inside outs of forestry and science, committing to long and tiresome hours, they get up and they do it every day – no regrets. She gets up and does it EVERY DAY.

The days I sit tirelessly at my desk waiting for an opportunity to float down from the sky… those are the days when she is up in a tree, digging, sawing, planting and experiencing the greatest beauties in life. The most encouraging part of my conversation with this beautiful woman was her attentive listening. She didn’t look at me the way other hard-labor workers had in the past, she was genuine. She was excited for me. I told her about my long lost dream of becoming a Wildland Firefighter. She smiled. SHE SMILED. I explained my adoration for what she does and she told me to get involved. I won’t get involved I’ve decided, but the fact that she didn’t look me up and down when I said it, allowed me to discern a side of myself I’ve been neglecting. I am an adventurer. I am not a nine to five, five days a week, kinda gal. I’m a dreamer, a writer, an explorer and a friend to many. My life will not be defined by what I do, it will be defined by who I am while I do what I do.

I refuse to work full-time hours Monday through Friday. Just wake up and go to work, get off work and go to sleep… No way. Yes, I’ve been told to buckle down and get into the mix of things. I don’t really do the whole “mix of things” motto though, it’s not really my style as you can see in my previous blog post titled, Mix up The Mix of Things. My motto goes more like this: “If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” and I’ve found it to be an accurate observation.

I want to live. I want to be part of the bigger picture, and I don’t mean in business. I don’t want to be one more spec in the bigger picture of society. I want to be part of the painting! The painting that every creative person adds to when they put their dreams on paper, or in a story, or through mentor-ship. Life is like a painting for those of us who share our brushes with one another.

I want to be like a majestic horse free from the hands of men; A wild stallion who knows it’s place and wanders only in its steps.  What I do and who I am are separate and I’ve learned they don’t have to be. I figure I’ll just mesh the two together and see what that does for me!

My goal in life is this: Learn something new about yourself every day and apply it to the painting of life. Be who you are in everything you do and shine brilliantly off cue.



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