Big City… Tiny Town

Are you a city dweller?

Have you lived in the city your whole life?

I have. 

You ever imagine what it would be like to jump ship? To run away, find a small town, and do everything you can to make a big difference? To move somewhere beautiful where you can venture into the great outdoors at any given moment? Has that ever been a dream of yours?

For me it has.

Never imagined what it would be like to experience the change first hand. Here I am in a Real Estate office right outside of big city Portland, Oregon, and I’m on my way out of the City. I had planned to take a year to prepare myself for the culture shock. Turns out I might be heading out much sooner than expected.

Here are my personal stresses in case you ever decide to make the same leap and need more concerns to add to your list of cons…

  1. Good coffee is hard to find and when you find it, it’s usually hours away.
  2. Finding a job is hard. Finding a job you’ll like is even harder.
  3. Rent is cheaper, which sounds great, but your wage will be lower so don’t get too excited.
  4. Allergies are a reality. Just because you don’t have them in the city doesn’t mean you won’t have them in the country.
  5. Culture shock is a real thing. Don’t under estimate the country life, it’s VERY different.
  6. All those hikes you are planning… make sure you keep bear spray in close proximity, because depending on where you’re going, you might need it. Best get used to wild animals.
  7. I hope you know how to shoot a gun. Home Security Alarms aren’t perfect when neighbors are at least a mile away and the sheriff’s office is in the next town over.
  8. School. There might be one in the town you choose, but unless you are living in a big small town, you will have ONE option and it will be at least one town over.
  9. Everyone knows everyone. Except you. You won’t know anyone.
  10. Bugs. There a lot of bugs.

All in all there are just as many pros as cons for myself. Right now though, in this exact moment, I am feeling like maybe this small town dream of mine should take a hike in the city. What would a city girl like me do in a tiny town? If I come up with a good answer I’ll write another blog post.

Sincerely and irritably yours,

-The Talking Sunflower

P.S. Even sunflowers have bad days.


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