And Life

Ocean eyes

Mountains white

My delight is in your side…

Pierced and then forgotten.

Only for a moment in your pain,

You withdrew within You, because You are two…

Or three in One.

If I’m a daughter, you’re a son

If I’m a breath, you’re a light

If I’m a light then you’re a tree,

But you’re not a tree…

Because trees can’t see and you opened the eyes of blind men.

And where is heaven except between your pupils?

Do they dilate when a daughter loses her breath?

Do they cut the tongues of lying men?

Your eyes are swords and doves

And for us,

But they’ve never been enough for us.

You gave Your life to save mine,

and his and theirs and ours…

But you’re not a tree and Your source is light

Inside Your eyes I’m a daughter,

And If I’m a daughter then You’re a son,

And if you’re a light than I’m a tree,

But I’m not a tree because Your image is within me

And You open the eyes of blind men…

And then you’re for us,

And me and them,

But you’ve never been enough for dusty men like us,

But you are enough, because your words are trust

And love

And breath

And light…

And Life.









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