The Influence of Disappointment

Becoming blind at the demand of disappointment is dangerous, not because upon stumbling we could experience pain, but because it hiders us from seeing the Truth so clearly displayed before us.

This morning I asked myself a series of questions.

The first: Where in my life am I experiencing a surge of disappointment?

The second: Are there any untruths I’ve been believing about my disappointments?

The third: When reflecting on past disappointments, what gifts have I received through them?

After answering each of these questions I perceived that the same disappointments that have caused unimaginable sorrow for myself, were also divine appointments that have granted me unexplainable joy. I knew already that sorrow and joy were somehow inseparable, but to embrace the gift of this reality first hand and to write it out on paper, makes it more plausible and inviting.

Every disappointment in my life has been accompanied by a lesson learned, a new perspective, a changed direction, and a remarkable understanding of God’s love.

I believe in progress through process.

We can’t perform well simply by watching another performer. It takes practice, discipline, and patience.

Note: Be patient with yourself and remember that in isolation there is influence, whether from God or from Satan. From good or from evil. Choose God. 💛

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