I’m thinking I might have a choice 🤔

Well damn. I’ve really not been doing all that well and It’s not anyone else’s fault but my own. You know that saying “If Satan can isolate you, he can influence you?” Maybe I haven’t necessarily isolated myself physically, but mentally I’ve been rather checked out lately.

I love my Bible. I read it pretty often and it’s still my favorite book, but I’ve learned that mindset is SO powerful you guys. These last few months have been hard on me and my relationships. I’ve been weighed down by lies from the enemy, believing all sorts of nonsense about myself and my identity. The worst part is that I know they are lies, and yet they’ve managaed to control so much of my life! It all comes down to our choices. To our thought life.

I’m telling you this, not so you will feel sorry for me, but so you will understand the power we possess in our decision making. Good mindsets don’t come from negative behaviors. Understanding doesn’t come from making excuses, and time doesn’t come from wasted energy.

Apple trees don’t produce figs.

The Word of God says “take every thought captive to obey Christ”, and why is this so important? Because Christ is our example of goodness & holiness. He possesses the fruit of righteousness that we want and seek. The problem is that we want, want, want, and don’t want to work for it. Taking every thought captive can be a challenging discipline, and I would know because I’m still learning how to do it.  But it’s possible, and it has purpose. When we CHOOSE to take our thoughts captive we bask in that moment of decision making, where we can choose God or we can choose evil. When we choose to believe even one lie from the enemy, we’ve opened a door to receive many more lies. Eventually it spirals into what is often called ‘depression’, which is a state of convinced hopelessness. Does that mean Hope is actually lost? No. It just means we believe it’s lost. Mindset you guys; It’s powerful! It starts in our mind with a thought & then it becomes a choice. Will you believe what God says about you and continue on the narrow path? Or will you believe what Satan says about you and wander away from the truth?

My advice: Don’t believe the lies of the enemy over the cries of your own heart.

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