Say what?

For those of you who don't know, I am a follower of Christ. I've sucked at following Him as of late. Not that I've been sinning on purpose or anything of the sort, but I really haven't been trusting Him much. I decided literally two seconds after writing my last post, Big City... Tiny Town,... Continue Reading →

Big City… Tiny Town

Are you a city dweller? Have you lived in the city your whole life? I have.  You ever imagine what it would be like to jump ship? To run away, find a small town, and do everything you can to make a big difference? To move somewhere beautiful where you can venture into the great... Continue Reading →

Mix up The Mix of Things

When my daughter was two-years-old we watched the movie, The Good Dinosaur, on more occasions than I can recall. Sitting through a movie with a two-year-old may not seem like an elite task, but I noticed something about my daughter that I had never noticed before. She was laughing! When I say that though, I mean... Continue Reading →

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