A Search Within (AKA... a rant) Why do I feel drawn to something more then is said to exist? I know I'm not from here. The world is not my home. I know God is with me and I know I'm not alone, yet I can't shake the loneliness. Everyone searches for something bigger or... Continue Reading →

The Face of Silence

Photo Challenge: Silence Silence has several faces. It's the face of a dark cave lit by a crackling fire. It's the forest set with drops of dew; A canyon rushing with waterfalls. It's the early morning glow atop a wheat hill, or the stillness of the oceans bay. And then there is the face of... Continue Reading →

Double Whammy

This morning I made the decision to refrain from writing for an entire day. I failed. Lately, I have really enjoyed failing in some areas. That sounds like a strange perspective, but every time I fail at something I turn to God and talk to Him about it. It's like I am in grade-school trying... Continue Reading →

Believe in something

The question I am tossing around in my head this morning is this: what does it mean to believe in something? I know what I believe in, and for most of my life, I have lived through those things instead of for those things. Here is what I mean: When I was a little girl I... Continue Reading →

Everyone Has a Story

This picture is pure freedom. Except it's not because my life is just not that perfect. In fact, if you knew my story you would know my life isn't perfect at all. It's not even that "Wow... I know no one's life is perfect, but I would love to be as happy as her" kind of... Continue Reading →

Whispers from God

This morning was a tightrope held out for my acrobatic emotions. This time though, it had a function outside of self-entertainment. My morning was AMAZING. Normally I wake up around 5, leave the house by 5:45, and then drive 30 minutes to a coffee shop on the other side of the bridge. I have a thing... Continue Reading →

Unbury Yourself

I write so often that I forget the reason I do it. I'm not perfect and I don't see a point in seeking that kind of affirmation from myself. I am well aware that God is the perfect one. I want Him to remain perfect. I want Him to remain almighty; I need Him to... Continue Reading →

Never Enough

I've attempted to communicate with God every morning. I've laid everything down multiple times. I've prayed until I was sure to be floating. I have run until I cried, fallen to my knees and asked God to pick me up. I have surrendered and re-surrendered my future, and it's still not enough; not because God... Continue Reading →

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